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Trailcam 1
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Trailcam 2
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Trailcam 3
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Trailcam 4
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Trailcam 5
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Trailcam 6
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Base Camp 2
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Bugling evening
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Bugling morning
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Sunset 1
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Hiking into spike camp
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Sunset 2
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Visitor at Base Camp
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Bull 1
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Spike camp
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bugling into canyon
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We are testing the Crispi USA Kanada HTG boots this fall.
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Crispi USA Kanada HTG boots are phenomenal boots!
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Bull through Alpen Scope
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Bull in Rocks
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Joe Glassing
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Stan's truck on the drive over...can you say "yard sale"?
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Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness is bone dry, steep, and deep!
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Wildflowers are still in bloom with the late summer
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Spike camps...gotta love camping on bulls!
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So far this is hte only action this new Benchmade Bone Collector has seen. Stan needs to get busy!
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Stan is shooting a new Hoyt and is loving it so far!
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Freshly used wallow
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Another huge wallow
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and another...
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Stan contemplating the next move on a bugling bull across the canyon.
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I captured this cool shot of Stan bulging on the way out one evening.
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Locating bulls across the canyons, then diving in after them.
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The Wenaha-Tucannon wilderness is steep country!
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I found this "Booner" cricket one morning. He'd make a good meal!
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A series of wallows on a flat up against a steep canyon wall.
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Setting up our 2nd bivy camp.
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More fresh wallows
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Our window decal
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Time for glassing another ridge.
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These elk are half goat, living up in the rocky bluffs throughout the day.
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backcountry meadow full of wallows
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Gorgeous sunsets every night!
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The Crispi Kanada HTG boots performed flawlessly, as did the KUIU Attack pants (and other items).
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Tom next to a fresh wallow. Most of the wallowing occurred at night based on Stan's lengthy experience in this country.
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Stan's new Hoyt waiting patiently for the right moment.
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Stan on a rock outcropping.
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A good bull up in the rocks taken through a spotting scope. His harem of cows was 100 yards below but he stayed high the rocks to keep intruders away.
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Another shot of this bull through the spotting scope.
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And another shot of him.
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Tom glassing the bull in the spotting scope from the opposite canyon.
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We had to carefully drop into the steep canyons each day, and they are a lot steeper than a photo can illustrate.
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Tom captured this image of Stan on an long evening hike out of a canyon.
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Another gorgeous sunset!
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Another evening hike out.
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Joe's wall tent is adorned with hunt stories, guest list, and harvest lists...makes for a pretty neat place to stay when we weren't bivy camping in the canyons.

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